The Yellowknife Farmers Market is offering  the opportunity to spotlight local performers for seven weeks throughout the market season. We will provide sound equipment, advertising (primarily through social media), and an honorarium.

Performances will run for the duration of the Market from 5:15 PM to 7:15 PM. Artists are not expected to play the entire time and are given the flexibility to break this period as they wish.  We would like approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes total playing time each week.  Artists are invited to apply for sets from 15 minutes to up to 60 minutes in length. We encourage all performance types to apply.  We support collaborations and other unique spins. Do you have some ideas? Please contact us.

In order to participate, performers must apply below, be accepted and scheduled through the Yellowknife Farmers Market.  Artists will be allowed to sell merchandise on site but as an honorarium is provided we reserve the right to collect donations  for the Yellowknife Farmers Market to help us ensure we can continue to provide quality entertainment each summer. 

Successful applicants will be asked to create events on Facebook to help attract audiences. The Yellowknife Farmers Market is committed to supporting our performers by promoting these shows through advertising and on our social media pages leading up to the Tuesday market.

Please know that we do our very best to ensure we accommodate as many performances as possible. Performances are attended by people of many cultures, nationalities, and ages. The Yellowknife Farmers Market reserves the right to not accept acts that are deemed unsuitable (e.g., inappropriate lan­guage).  The YKFM will do it’s best to accommodate applications, however with limited spots and equipment available, not all applications will be accepted.  Only those accepted will be contacted with further details. 

Please provide us with any links to material in the section provided. If you have any questions, please contact us.