The YKFM inspires and nurtures a healthy community by building a local, sustainable and Northern food economy in a vibrant, diverse and inclusive market place.  


The YKFM plays a central role in creating a just and sustainable food system and in fostering an economically, ecologically, culturally and socially sustainable community. 

The YKFM is a place where: 

  • Local food growers, producers and harvesters prosper by finding local marketplaces for their products; 

  • Yellowknife residents have access to high quality, nutritious, locally grown, harvested processed food and artisan products; 

  • Yellowknife residents understand the value of supporting the local economy by purchasing locally grown food and supporting locally made products; 

  • Sustainable farming and local food production expand as more people choose to enter these professions; 

  • Relationships between vendors and consumers grow, nourish and inspire community; 

  • People share critical knowledge and create conversations required to initiate progress towards sustainability.  


Nutrition: Food is the heart and soul of our community. Access to fresh nutritious food is a foundation for health and human dignity. 

Sustainability: Our market promotes social, economic, cultural and ecological sustainability. 

Relationship:Positive human connections and cooperation allow our community to flourish and grow. 

Distinction: By combining innovation and industriousness we achieve our best while making our market fun, inclusive and a beautiful reflection of our land. 

Organizational Integrity: We maintain financial strength and professional fulfillment in a productive team environment.  

Authenticity & Transparency: We are accountable to our stakeholders by requiring transparency in our practices and requiring our vendors to do the same.